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So you want to know about the book!
Nearly 30 years ago a company was formed that would direct the computer industry for decades to come with its foresight, design and charisma. "You know, Apple was founded on April Fool's Day in 1976. We thought that was pretty funny at the time," co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Jobs commented in an interview. There is no other 'tech' company in the world that holds as much devotion from its users as Apple Computers. This devotion which spawned multitudes of websites from notable quotes to news, fansites, forums, photo collections and history to hundreds of clubs and associations around the world and willing 'evangelists' happy to snare and 'switch' unsuspecting wintel users. The Happy Birthday Apple campaign is organized and run by a group who are happy to be called Apple geek's!

The concept is simply really, we want to give people around the world the opportunity to give something back to the organization and people who have given so much to them. So we are collecting messages from you, the people who use Apple products and want to thank Steve (Woz and Jobs) and the gang at Apple Computers for an awesome 30 years of innovative products and thought. Messages will have a cost of US$2 to cover the manual checking, layout and design, printing and binding of the book and will be collected up till March 28. We will then produce the book and present it to Apple as a commemorative book for their 30th anniversary on the 1st of April.

So Woz thanks for pearls of wisdom like, "Never trust a computer you can't throw out of a window", and the logic of Steve, "Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?". Thanks for creating products that allowed us to simply be creative and not have to worry about the technology. Virus? what's a virus? Thanks for making my desktop a place for showcasing inspiring design and the talking point of visitors to my house.

30 years is a benchmark that should inspire looking forward as much as it causes us to look back. Apple already launched the game-changing iPod and will launch an iPhone next year, though some already seem weary of this venture. Regardless of the naysayers, Apple will continue to define what technology means today.

I've got my message in the book we hope you've got yours.


Alain P. Chaperon

Holger Gruel

rosenknoten via kocmoc.org

Oliver Greve

Richard Jansson

Happy birthday to a vision, turned into a mission to make an Apple user feel good and live his profe...
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